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We are a Australian family owned and operated business designing the best architectural hardware and glass railings around the world. Supplying Premium hardware to over 20 countries across 5 continents.

Our journey started in Australia in 1977 when we were involved with the first company to produce decorative tubular pool fencing followed by our new factory in 1987 and continued expansion into designer metal fencing and the introduction of glass fencing and railings in the 1990’s.

As an installer and manufacturer, we saw the need to design better systems to solve site situations and make installation faster and easier as well as reducing the cost.

In 2003, we patented the spigot system (windbreak clamp, talon, mini post) which revolutionized the frameless glass market and is why Australia is now the leading country for frameless glass railings and pool fencing. This system solved many of the installation and site issues of previous frameless glass systems of which there were many.

In 2007, we were the first company to introduce 2205 Duplex into construction hardware with higher strength and superior corrosion resistance compared to 316L. 2205 Duplex or what we now call ultra marine grade stainless steel. This solved issues like tea staining and offers a much higher design strength compared to 304 or 316 stainless steel grades and is now recognized as the preferred material in corrosive environments.

In 2008, we were awarded the Gold Medal for Building Invention of the Year in Geneva the only Australian Company that year and this started our global expansion.

In 2011, we moved our office to Hong Kong and production Office to China with the knowledge that you have to be there to make sure perfection can be achieved.

In 2018, my two sons joined the Business. With many years of successful installation experience and running their own businesses, I knew it was time for them to come on board. They have now accelerated the design part of the business, so we are able to make new systems much faster and Superior Australian Designed was formed.

Since then we have continued to expand adding quality partners that met our High standards and in 2020 moving into our brand new China factory and offices with room to grow for many years.

Our mission has always been to find new solutions for glass railing and fencing systems and to be the best we can be and now our mission has expanded to “WE WANT TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD” at what we do and we can already see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Wayne Austin

Managing Director

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Chinese office and manufacturing warehouses including – Extrusions, Castings, Polishing, Powder coating, Laser cutting, Packaging and Quality control centre. 


American warehouse and sales office. We are now stocking hardware in the U.S for local suppliers.

Australian warehouse and sales/design office with a state of the art testing facility. We test all our products before going to market and products for individual projects. We also stock hardware here for local suppliers.



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