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7236-4 Stainless Steel Bar Post System Rail Variations S17485D-Multi-Rail Glass-0905.jpg

A revolutionary multi component system that is simple by design.

Plexrail allows the same post system to be used with glass pickets, mesh and other types of infills to create various cost effective options for larger residential and commercial projects.

Designed with high a strength post and support base it allows for wider spans even on relatively tall buildings but still with a modern slim line appearance to compliment the façade and the architects creativity.

Plexrail can be installed as individual panels or in multiple panel runs to reduce onside installation times and costs.

Plexrail is the one system that offers the architect multiple facade designs in the one system, making installation easy to understand and easy to price.

This is virtually a 1 stop shop system that ticks all the boxes as the most cost effective ssystem with multiple different appearances.



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